A Listener's Guide
including 'TG+'

By Chris 'Flatline'

suggestions and corrections welcome

updated 10th August 2005

DISCLAIMER: Most of the information presented here is compiled from 'Wreckers of Civilisation' by Simon Ford and from the Throbbing Gristle section of the 'Brainwashed' (www.brainwashed.com/tg) and 'Axis' (www.brainwashed.com/axis) websites. This document was originally created for my own reference, when trying to recall which tracks or events were on each CD. I am not claiming that I have done anything more than compile the information and add approximate track times and titles. These titles are either from officical or bootleg recordings, or are a reference to events or dialogue occuring on the recordings.

I recommend using your browser's 'find' function to jump to the particular performance you are interested in.

There is a section for each boxset and a plain text version:

[ TG24 ] [ TG+ ] [ .txt version ]